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There are three main ways of working with the SAS application. This gives access to the standard procedures and functions, and the main configuration screens, quickly and easily. Clicking on a line reveals its details in a lower section. Periodicity shows how often the SIBs are scheduled. When the tests are run, there is a summary of the number of pass and fail verdicts returned. This value is programmed into the USIM. This has the advantage that the changes to the displayed records is seen immediately.

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The GPRS configuration for the cell is split across two tabs. The wavy line represents a road and vieweg circles represent the coverage area of base stations along the road. Please suggest overcoming this issue.

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Why are you passing the entire command as a single anite log viewer instead of a list? When a run is active, the user controls how the simulation works by using the windows and menus in SAS. PRACH carries the random access preamble. If several objects are selected, repeating the search will find each occurrence in turn. The user needs to specify the variable name, protocol discriminator and type of message.

Inter-system handovers are hard ‘break before make’ handovers – the UE must stop transmitting in annite system before it can begin transmitting in the other.

The verdicts of scripts are stored in a file on the controller Aniye with the extension. These can be either mobile originated or or mobile terminated. The basic find searches for any text string in the Log file – this is probably the most commonly used search facility.


Anite Conformance Toolset

Milenage anire an authentication algorithm which is more robust in comparison to the A3 ands A8 authentication algorithms used in GSM. In summary, Log Viewer Plus is a useful and reliable utility that can assist you in looking through log files with a fine tooth comb, making sure you do not miss any important information that it may contain. Post as a anite log viewer Name. More on this later in the course.

Anite Log Viewer – Anite Software Informer.

Transmit diversity — same data stream transmitted on multiple antennas. The filter settings are still modified and may be saved in the same manner. When using fixed allocation, the Fixed Allocation Options allows you to set the bitmap length and make your own bitmap.

In the case of mobile terminated procedures, such as mobile terminated SMS or speech calls, the procedure is initiated from the Control menu in SAS. The Log Viewer is a licensed program. This page shows the connection between scenarios and runs. This method also gives access to some of the more advanced features of SAS which are not available in ‘interactive’ mode. anite log viewer

In this case, the server application and repository of files are not present on the controller PC. SAS works with the idea of cells, scenarios and runs. Filter settings can then be saved and loaded back again. An alternate method is to filter directly from the log file display. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject anite log viewer these policies.


The car could move through several network cells before the anite log viewer terminates the call and switches off the phone. If the time is too high, repetitive SIBs will be logged unnecessarily. This is discussed further in the GPRS section. Number of seconds to log is the time to log the SIB. Although the different QoS options allow you to alter the negotiation between the mobile station and SAS this does not affect the throughput rate.

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All of the tasks carried out by the user are stored in the run files. For each protocol layer, it is possible to filter the four types of message: A scenario file also contains other items which lo configured in SAS, anite log viewer as the advice of charge information and other settings.

Procedures such as handover and mobile-terminated SMS have their own settings these settings are also saved in the scenario file.