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Since possessing a human body, Ankh has been able to experience real emotions and the full effect of the five senses, something a Greeed is normally not capable of even when completed. Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing Hindi-language text. He always has a record player in his office, usually playing ” Happy Birthday “, believing that the birth of all things, good or bad, is a thing of beauty. After realizing how much humanity changed over the past years, the Greeed mimic human forms to blend into society. In human form, he is often seen eating snacks although like any other Greeed, has no sense of taste and would even eat the inedible. Managing to reach two thirds of her goal, Belle attempts to finish the job by offering Eiji a Chance Time to return to modern Tokyo at the cost of everyone else around him ceasing to be. Where the Red Fern Grows

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To prevent her from worrying, Eiji sends her a text message using Shingo’s cell phone stating Shingo is on an undercover mission and won’t be home for a long time. Ankh’s faith in this plan is so strong, he is willing to give the other Greeed all their Core Medals back unconditionally, a result of being spoiled by his experiences with human senses, which in turn fueled his growing disgust with his fellow Greeed.

Views Read Edit View history. As Eiji leaves on his journeys around the world, he keeps both halves of the broken Core Medal with him with the hope to somehow revive Ankh.

He is at odds with Kougami in just about everything, from the ideology and principles they uphold Kougami’s obsession with beginnings versus Maki’s for endingsto concrete matters regarding the Medals, like choosing the container for all the Core Medals and who should be the one to use the Birth system.

Edit Details Release Date: Though originally mindless, the five Greeed gained wills of their own after one Medal in each of the five sets was destroyed. If a Greeed’s body gains more Core Medals without its own nine Core Medals to stabilize the body, its body will begin to destabilize from the power as the other Core Medals act as if they are its own.


A Condor Core Medal was ripped from his body by Kougami after having retrieved it during his trip to Europe mid-series, and the feeling of loss caused the body to awaken. Overtime, Ankh Lost undergoes accelerated mental development, developing a more assertive personality and advanced mental capacity, beginning to act more like his other self. However, Ankh’s weakened state is unable to maintain a complete body, so he mortally wounds Shingo again and reduced himself to his original disembodied arm to take control of the detective’s body once more.

As a result, Ankh grows to desire the life that humans were blessed with that Greeed can never have.

However, kxmen and part of Ankh were sealed by the King when the Core Medals consumed him and transformed him into a stone coffin. Since Maki absorbed the purple Medals, Kiyo-chan has been shown in increasingly jarring poses and actions, even once channeling the same Greeed powers as Maki himself, implying some level of sentience.

Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol vs. Kazari Greeed & Ankh (Lost) Re-Edit.

Mezool then dies as Gamel arrives in her final moments, with only six of her Core Medals left in existence were left in existence before they are sucked into the black hole that emerged from rjder Kyouryu Greeed’s body. This new ideology led to Kazari tricking Gamel into absorbing most of Mezool’s Core Medals along with some of Uva’s in order to see what would occur from a Greeed acquiring more than nine Core Medals.

An artistic depiction of the first OOO showed a form similar to Tatoba Combo wearing a cape and armed with a gauntlet similar to the Taja Spinner and a sword similar to the Medajaribur. Retrieved from ” https: The resulting 14 Core Medals seemingly restored his full form, but Gamel suffered from energy overload as a result of not having nine Cores of his own to maintain the power before Mezool absorbed him. He loves baking cakescommonly birthday cakes, and has built his office over a bakery.

Because of his easily duped nature, Gamel ank used as the subject of an experiment by Kazari, who gave him most of Mezool’s Core Medals along with several of Uva’s. Maki himself claims this is not indicative of his full motives, as affection is a mere desire, while his goal to end the world is instead a sacred mission, something a mere Greeed like Ool, driven by desire, cannot understand.


Having lost the Tora Medal to Ankh, Kazari assumes the form of a silver-haired young man in a yellow checkered blazer to blend in with society. As a result, he lost most of his powers.

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In the end, after being mortally wounded by Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo with a purple Core Medal-powered Giga Scan, Maki’s body becomes a black hole -like collapse and sucks in most of the Core Medals along with himself as he delights in his own death.

Reviving Uva, Ankh then joins forces with the other Greeed and rallies them against Eiji. He sees Kamen Oop OOO, one bound for godhood, to be the means to ensure an unlimited supply of energy.

In a dire need to see that both of them survive the Yummy attack, and intending to make Eiji a pawn in his scheme as he can not create a Yummy in his conditionAnkh saves the human by lending him the OOO Driver and some of the Core Medals he has, enabling Eiji to transform into Kamen Rider OOO. Other than Ankh, the Greeed are named after certain words in Japanese that relate to desire and the method by which their Yummy are created.

Eiji accepts on the condition that his family also be spared, and then reveals that he considers all the people present his “family”, causing Belle to explode into Cell Medals.

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This intention changes somewhat after deducting that Uva is trying to revive their fallen brethren, and he decided to assist Uva by faking that he lost Mezool’s and Gamel’s Core Medals to Uva.

She also goes out of the office to run errands as instructed by Kougami, able to hold her own in a fight against a Yummy. Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing Hindi-language text. As Eiji falls back to earth, Ankh appears kamenn him as his disembodied arm. Their presence mostly concealed until the eggs hatch into their complete forms, either with one Yummy at a time or all eggs hatch into an army, compelled to return to Mezool and break up into many Cell Medals for her and the Greeed to ingest.