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In Kingdom Hearts 3D: When Ansem becomes part of the World of Chaos, he loses both of his jackets and his gloves, showing a well-toned physique, and his pants and boots are replaced by a pair of black skin-tight leggings with yellow lining. The Keyblade of heart , wielded by Ansem while he is possessing Riku. Nonetheless, Ansem’s shadow lives on in the depths of Riku’s heart. CoM ] Sends the guardian to attack Riku from below several times. He can also open and use Corridor of Darkness.

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He can levitate, summon the guardianteleport, and expel bursts of dark energy though this is only shown when he actually transforms. However, the few shreds of humanity which remained in the researcher have been obliterated. In his physical form, like his Nobody counterpartAnsem’s skin color varies by being depicted as tan in the game to quite dark in official artwork.

His guardian now absorbs all damage aimed at Ansem.

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Ansem was created when Terra-Xehanort, masquerading as Ansem the Wisereawakened his sleeping memories and split his heart from his body, creating a Heartless; this Heartless, also named Ansem, appears to have characteristics of both Emblem and Pureblood Heartless, and it is unclear exactly which category he falls under. This leads to an internal struggle between the two that Riku ultimately loses. You need to login to do this. While this means that Sora is free to attack at any time, keep in mind that Ansem can still summon his barrier.


Riku znsem use Flowmotion at this point—Ansem prevents the walls from being used here, so rapid dodging and blocking are Riku’s only tactics. Ansem turns the surrounding area black and starts summoning torrents of darkness from the floor drawing Riku to him, which Riku must evade and block.

After some time, while hitting him again and again, the Reality Shift can reappear, so Riku will be able to finish him off with it. Though Xehanort tried to control Riku from within, Riku’s heart proved stronger.

During the battle Ansem summons both his familiar, the guardian, and a Darkside Heartless to assist him. He always yells, “Submit! DiZ then gives Riku a card that will give Ansem form, so that Riku can finish him off once and for all. Ansem won’t make it any easier for Riku—he forms two balls of darkness which can shoot incredibly quick lasers at Riku which have to be dodged and can’t be blocked. Retrieved from ” https: He also wears black pants and black, silver-lined, knee-high boots identical to the ones worn by Organization XIII members.

Although Hayner manages to do nothing towards such a powerful foe, and is put in peril once Ansem decides to summon the Guardian, he is saved by a handful of Dusks, who attack Ansem despite his allegiance towards Master Xehanort and the Organization.

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As part of Master Xehanort ‘s plans, Ansem was there to allow himself and the other members of the real Organization to follow the duo and make one of them another vessel for Master Xehanort’s heart. Ansem then allows himself to be enveloped by the darkness flowing out of the Keyhole, and travels to the End of the World and Kingdom Hearts. Hides in his sphere and has the guardian turning the surrounding area black and starting summoning torrents of darkness from the floor, drawing Riku to him, sending Riku flying across the pathway and launching several huge spheres sometimes aimed at Riku.


Ansem is, thus far, one of only three Heartless with human-level intelligence, the others being Sora’s Heartless and Scar. The second time Ansem is fought is during the final battle of Riku’s Story.

Riku complies, opening himself to the darkness. During the fight, Ansem attacks with energy disks as he laughs, which can be blocked with Guard.


Dream Drop DistanceAnsem briefly wields Frollo’s sword anse threaten Riku, but does not actually use it to fight. Ads keep the KHWiki independent and free: Riku The form Sora’s longtime friend Riku chose.

Ads keep the KHWiki independent and free: Master Xehanort proceeds to reveal that Ansem’s possession of Riku’s body, along with overseeing Maleficent’s gathering of the Princesses, was all part of his master plan with Riku meant to become the vessel to complete the Organization.

While they are there, Riku briefly appears, leaving a box containing sea-salt ice cream and a photo from the simulated Twilight Town, depicting HaynerPenceOletteand Roxas. Riku has seen him as well, though neither of them ever found out for certain who he was.

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Ienzo is the complete being of Zexion. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. After breaking Sora with their words, both of them leave through a Corridor ansen Darknessafter summoning a swarm of Neoshadows and Dusks for Sora, Donald and Goofy to deal with. He explains Riku’s fall to darkness, that he desperately sought to escape the island “prison” enough to open his heart to darkness.