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D I had fun working on this so I hope you all enjoy it too! I DL as I need them as most people do, and go on an update spree every so often. PKLpikachu , Feb 3, What UTAU have you downloaded? Messages 11 Likes Received 0 Trophy Points 4. You can view the rankings here. Though, I might download more banks and delete some anyways, so, this list always grows or diminishes almost every day.

camila melodia voicebank

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You have just looked at the pathetic list of UTAUloids that currently reside in my laptop. Messages Likes Received 0 Trophy Points 9.

camila melodia voicebank

I wanted to redo them. Durr, everyone has so much Please like and comment if you like the song! Anyway, let’s get on with this.

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Messages Likes Received 0 Trophy Points 6. And now for the downloads: Also please like my entry on Facebook and reblog on Twitter.

camila melodia voicebank

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Please watch on Youtube and click like if you like it! News about IA’s Trial Finally, the long wait is over and we have published the last of the promised 6 chapters of the Pan con Chocolate saga! This is all gonna be from memory so I hope I can list them all eAe;; Like others, I only download on a need basis.

camila melodia voicebank

PianodreamFeb 9, Please do not use these models for creating new character models. Messages Likes Received 3 Trophy Points melodis. Official voting starts on October 10th so keep and eye out and vote for your favorite at the rankings page when the time comes.

However, one day she receives a letter from an unlikely sender who says he believes her story and will do anything to help. Here is a test of the new model I’ve been working on. AlineFeb 9, Messages 21 Likes Received 0 Trophy Points 2. Yes, my password is: Messages Likes Received 34 Trophy Caila This is the last chapter of the main story but don’t fret, Alex still has a few more spin-offs to go xD and then maybe I’ll get inspired and work on some spin-off as well: Alright give me a sec I also created a model for the Lucid append based on the latest model of Camila.


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Messages 60 Likes Received 2 Trophy Points Raven-RasperaFeb 3, D Please vote for my song if you like it here! What UTAU have you downloaded? You can view the rankings here.

I used to have Camila Melodiabut the English voicebank was split into two, and I had no idea how to combine them into one. PandaLoliiFeb 2,