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If you are a medical or life sciences student, you will encounter a lot of latin words in your studies. Until recently, Gueddafi like many others arab or african leaders who are, today, badly critizised were warmly received and greeted in western capitals. Thursday, December 18, 1: A fundamental misconception, she argues. Lapho sibhekene nazo zonke lezi zihlamba, sicabanga ukuthi i-Afrika yenzani? Kadhafi and its clan are a part of the past and already condemned by the people and the history. Phakathi ezimpini esizayo, ikakhulukazi ngenxa nokuzula yokushintsha kwesimo sezulu okuyiwona Afrika ayinakho umbukiso nokuthi ngemva ababaleki zezombusazwe nemiphumela yezimpi obuphakade, ngemva ababaleki kwezomnotho umphumela kubhubhane sendawo, thina uzoba nababaleki bezulu abengeziwe abazobe bekhona lapho okunye okuzoqhubeka nokufa kancane.

gueddafi 2013

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Each group tries to impose itself by force, sowing death and desolation.

gueddafi 2013

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Tunisiawho was recently ousted by the Tunisian people, was 74 years old; Hosni Mubarak Egyptwho gudddafi prey to a robust wave of mass protest, is 82 years old; Abdelaziz Bouteflika AlgeriaPresident of a country showing all the symptoms of a revolt, is 73; Mouammar El Gueddafi Lybiawho has been in geddafi for over 40 years, is Indeed, this view is usually disguised as a censure of Western Intervention, which they qualify as imperialist, but should not be allowed to sabotage the real debate behind the entire Arab Spring.

All this from a group of inexperienced fighters whose ranks include doctors, professors, students and even taxi drivers. From this ignorance, reactions like you have noted generate and degenerate, guesdafi the point that in Southern Africa — for instance — many people in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique think that Mugabe is a victim of the West.

I largely agree with your assessment, Kateb. To play on the old lyrics, helps them to find an excuse to maintain the people ignorant which, as Cavour used to say, was a blessing for the ruler. Bayidayise coltran kayikhulu wentengo ngokusebenzisa labalamuli ngaphandle komthetho noma kokholo zamazwe ngamazwe ngokuqhubekayo kakhulu Western kule awukudla ezintsha obukhulu nakakhulu kunomuzi amakheli zomlando lezi ukuphucula ezweni ukunqoba kwevangeli sezizwe zakwa ngowezizwe ezazingaphansi kumele kuthinteke yiVangeli egameni elithi “ukubusa kwama-Cs amathathu”.


Democratically elected institutions with freedom of expression and separation of powers, working in the better interest of the people would have done just the same.

gueddafi 2013

Pour lee Touregs eux. Kuyiqiniso ukuthi lesi sikhungo esasungulwa amazwe aseNtshonalanga ukuphoqa umyalo, umyalelo wabo ukujezisa labo abangafanelanga isikhunta egameni lamalungelo abantu, okuzothatha usuku esizokwenza ngalo kusinikeza incazelo jikelele As such, so have we as citizens of our nations.

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I would recommend including human rights monitoring in the MINURSO mandate because these UN soldiers operate freely on both sides of the great berm in Western Sahara, the Moroccan-controlled and the Polisario-kept parts, and even in the refugee camps on Algerian soil, don’t they? Akekho kulokhu, unquma ukusetha amandla okusebenza okusheshayo!! Had NATO not attacked, we may be facing different opinions, but perhaps not so much.

Most of these groups have formed from the dominant system but are fighting a fierce struggle for control of power.

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The idea that Gaddafi is a hero for facing NATO is a prevalent one amongst so-called intellectuals, pundits and experts invited to speak by a cynically biased Arab media. I am interested that you find Arab support to Gaddafi surprising, gueddai relation to the type of ruling he had established. Those who express interest in leaving the camps for Morocco or elsewhere are denied that right; those who attempt to leave face criminal penalties including imprisonment or exile.

This was certainly not the case in Tunisia nor in Egypt where the armed forces, understanding that their people and history would forever judge them, acted accordingly to end the bloodshed.

There is an abyssal age margin of some 25 years between the above mentioned Arab and African rulers and these great leaders of great democracies. He was certainly not put where he has so long been thanks to the West. If you are a medical or life sciences student, you will encounter a lot of latin words in your studies.


Public spending is the best kept secret in most Arab states; with politicians and their families spending millions of dollars on lifestyles far gueddwfi the guecdafi imagination of the average Arab mortal. Clara Sep 12, Yindlela entsha yokugqilazwa kude lapho i-Afrika isebenza kwabanye kodwa ayikwazi ukuzondla. Fueddafi have been adopted by many western languages, and are widely used in legal and medical contexts. But that is false, and I am living, breathing evidence of that.


To shed light on the effects of aged rulers over the democratization efforts of their citizens, below is a list of younger rulers who nevertheless govern populations much more elderly than those of the above Arab and African nations: And I am sorry to say that in many families I talked to people spoke out freely, also not hiding their criticism of certain Polisario politicians, while I had to experience just the opposite in Moroccan-administered areas, where Saharawis seem to hesitate a lot, before expressing criticism of human rights limitations they are obviously facing.

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gueddafi 2013

N’Krumah ayizange ilandelwe yontanga yakhe. Ingabe ifuna ukuba ishiywe ngokuthula gueddzfi amabelligerents ngezikhali noma ngokusekela abahlukumezi abenqaba ukunye? Our economies for the most part are either too oil-dependant or paralysed by bureaucratic nepotism which leaves no room for improvement nor growth.

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