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Should not be singing those. I cant stand his voice. I believe he is coming to the UK soon, to do a few shows? This guy is amazing. I hope he sings like this and don’t tilt towards bollywood trash songs. My bro-in-law knows him – Rahat doesnt like him!!!

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Have al seen him? So far he is just another talented singer but as of yet he cannot even be compared to his late uncle. He has done all the right things so far. I love his songs. He is not even 40 year old so he has time to produce more.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Kanday Utay – Listen on Deezer

Apart from the ones listed by other posters, here is one I like a lot Main Jahan Rahon http: If so, what are your opinions of them? I thought this performance of his on an Indian tv show was pretty awesome.

All songs sung by Rahat. He is crafting a wonderful career for himself. He is a very gifted singer and he is trying to fill the vacum left by his uncle. O Re Piya is a top song.


Yes that’s right, I’m not sure where he is coming but im pretty sure he’s coming cardiff, can’t wait for that! And he was explaining me where it is!!!

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Kanday Utay | Play for free on Anghami

Rahat is very talented Thanks, thats one I remember, did khqn couple i think Just wondering if there more singers like him in Pakistan especially that sing qawwali or folk songs. Check this out where he is sitting in a show but still singing with such voice: He has a massive Qawwali following – obviously they are his roots.

Imran is quite a big fan of Rahat Ali Khan. Oh come on, both are jokers as compare to Rahat. Rahat has his own style actually and has fantastic vocal control. THis does things to me that I did not think possible!

I believe he is coming to the UK soon, to do a few shows? My bro-in-law knows him – Rahat doesnt like him!!!


More by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Had the pleasure of seeing him live last year Found it now and thanks guys for this thread. No Anjum I havent. This guy is amazing.

Rahat shouldn’t be compared to Nusrat still lets give him a few more years afterall it took Nusrat over twenty years to become a great! He’s sung a nice song in the film Singh is Kinng.

Kanday Utay by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan offical video.mp4

I know he’s very good; But for some reason at times reminds me of what a rather camp NFAK would sound like Having said that his voice lacks the same passion and spirituality as the ustad! It was fantastic, melodious and very soulful voice indeed!! His Maa naat or qawali is awesome.