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You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. She refuses to feel at all because in her world that’s a weakness you pay with your life. Other books in the series. And that’s a lot to say, I mean, remember Wraith? I’m soooo sad this is the last book in this series, even though there’s a spinoff series

sin undone larissa ione

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Sin Undone (Demonica #5) by Larissa Ione

Yes No Thanks for your feedback! You guys rock and I loves you! Paranormal Romance Review Tags: Most immportant, the way Larissa Ione left the end of the series by starting another series called Eternal Rider, was the happiest news because when she explained who the horse rider in the ionw was, I immediately thought that she should write a book on the 4 horsemen and then to find out she was – I am jumping up and down.

That’s a love-hate relatioship at it’s finest.

Sin Undone

When battle breaks, Conquest is sealed. These two have great chemistry even as they hurl insults at one another. This is the final installment in the Demonica series and it follows Sin, the only female and Seminus demon and Conall a dhampir llarissa works in UGH as a paramedic.

Easily takes the cake on the hottest demon “Oh for the love of God, put a butt plug in the male tough guy crap. The title should be at least 4 characters long. If she and her half-brothers, who work at Undergroun Sin is the only female Seminus demon alive who is also master assassin.


Aug 10, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although I found Sin a bit annoying in the previous books, she really grew on me in this one as you get to know her and see her begin to trust her hot demon brothers and Con.

I loved Con and Sin, and the interaction with Sin’s brothers.

Sin Undone Audiobook | Larissa Ione |

Considering I thought the first four books were all 5-star reads, that is saying something! Sin also has a raging libido but can control it because of her tattoo on her right arm called the dermoire. She has gone through so much and you just want unone to have at least something nice in her life. Let me see, there are probably some stuff that I forgot to mention even though I freaked out about them while reading.

Alas, no new siblings came out of the woodwork, so I will just have to settle for rereading these five books whenever I need my Sem fix. This one was about Sin, the Smurfette -Oh Wraith!

This book is about Sin and Con. DemonicaBook 5 Length: Snowballs and lqrissa around in the snow has forever changed for me.

It is time for Sin to stop being so lonely and for Conall to make sacrifices in order to keep her. His support and acceptance of Sin for what she was, no questions asked made me love him even more. This instalment tells the story of Sinead Sin – newly discovered and one-of-a-kind female Seminus demon she is umdone succubus, and sister to the the Sem boys in the series – and sexy paramedic, Conall Con.


sin undone larissa ione

But I have enjoyed the world that Larissa Ione has created it is an interesting world of demons, humans, angels and everything in between and I hope that her Lords of Deliverance series is just as good, or better then this one. Sin’s response to Con feeding from her, “I don’t let anyone fang me,” had me in stitches.

But given the dire circumstances they are in, Luc finally stands up. I laughed, I cried and I didn’t want it to end. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

sin undone larissa ione

Sin is so feisty, Con is just so god dam sexy, Wraith is so funny and I just love the whole Sn Brothers. So why only three and a half stars? But what I can say is that whole Demonica series has been an emotional rollercoaster but damn am I glad that I have been a part of it.

Dark Seduction Box Set.