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After warning Ankh not to endanger Shingo, Eiji arrives on the scene as he and Shintaro assume their Kamen Rider forms. Though Ankh agrees with the reasons, he asks Kazari to leave to give him time to fully consider the proposition. The Circumstances, a Farewell, and the Tearful Birth [ edit ]. When Eiji manages to keep him from taking his purple Core Medals through sheer force of will, Maki becomes the Kyouryu Greeed and uses his power to overwhelm everyone before taking his leave. Meanwhile, managing to save himself but finding everyone gone, Date arrives at the Cous Coussier where he finds Shintaro before showing interest in the photographs around the room prior to seeing Eiji. But things changed as the purple Medals destroy any desire and would drive Eiji to the deep end. After getting Shintaro’s permission in hopes of finding Hina, Eiji uses a Ride Vendor to follow before the transport is stopped by Uva and Mezool who want the Cell Medals.

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The King, the Panda, and the Blazing Memory [ edit ]. After talking to Kazari via the Internet upon the Greeed absorbing Gamel’s Core Medals, Maki advises Date to get a check to see the effects of the Birth System on a human user, along with some regard to man’s condition for the sake of science.

Though Shintaro asks him riedr he is fine that he and Yumi are parting ways, Date tells him that ook has still got business to take care of.

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Managing to climb back up, Shintaro finds Eiji nowhere in sight. He covers everyone but the Shocker grunts, with Kougami employee In Sendo offering his services, with Ankh recognizing him as a Yummy host. When Eiji attempts to ask him again, Ankh reveals his intentions to make Shingo into his new body by placing Core Medals into him.

At the Cous Coussier, Eiji akmen Chiyoko and Hina back from their vacation in Egypt as the latter gives him a present as her way of thanking him for saving her from Kazari. Later, Eiji and Ankh watch Hina and her friends visiting Haruka at her new job at a bakery, having got her vices under control. When Hina asks how to save Eiji, Kougami explains that the answer to controlling the purple Core Medals is for Eiji to find cobo own desire. Driven mad by the seven kajen Core Medals in his body, the Eiji Greeed battles Ankh as he assumes his full Greeed form to defend himself.


Soon after, while trying to help Shintaro up, Eiji learns that the young man sees him as an unworthy hero. Gider, Faith, and the Power of Justice [ edit ]. But it only enrages the monster as Kamen Rider Birth arrives and fights the Yummy before it escapes him again. Before she can perform the “surgery”, Eiji saves Ankh and Tamura escapes. With Uva the only one not whole, Mezool discards Gamel for his inability to sake her greatest desire.

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Forced to spend the night under a bridge, Eiji and Ankh talk about recent chain of events before Hina arrives with Ankh grabbing her by the throat. Ankh still wants to kill her so she cannot meddle in their affairs, but Eiji threatens to dispose of the OOO Driver in the river should Ankh do so. Seeing that his father unable to give up this new power to do good, Takashi follows suit in protecting him from the astonished Kamen Rider.

Later that night, at the Cous Coussier after being unable to find him, Eiji and Ankh talk about the strange turn of events that created the Stag Beetle Yummy. Afraid that Ankh will absorb the Medal and abandon Shingo’s dying body, Eiji returns the Core Medal to Kougami before heading back to the restaurant. Outside, after setting up a plan to storm Maki’s manor, Goto and Satonaka lure the Greeed out with the former using the Kamen Rider Birth Prototype suit.

At Doctor Maki’s mansion, Mezool and Gamel take in their revived bodies, but decide that they need some more Cell Medals.

He changes his mind, and Eiji takes her to the Ooo Coussier restaurant currently decorated as an Indian restaurant meeting with Chiyoko who offers him food for his trouble. Things return to normal soon after as Hina gives Ankh a present meant for Shingo. The next day, as Date undergoes his physical while Shintaro learns more about his friend’s condition, Eiji and Hina take Chiyoko to the hospital and find others suffering from lack of sleep.


kame Though Kamen Rider OOO points out the resulting deaths in letting the Yummy nest cpmbo, Maki is more concerned with the ends than the means as he reveals that Tadano has made more bombs. Eiji’s wounds are tended to by Hina, Ankh confronts Kougami about the recent turn of events as roder man reveals that Maki is responsible yet he refuses to take action against the scientist as his research is for Kougami Foundation’s desire for Cell Medals to save the world.

Before he can answer, Eiji collapses due to the strain from the fight with Kazari. But Date reveals that the money is actually for his surgery much to Shintaro’s shock as he prepares to fight Date himself to save him as he and Kamen Rider Birth ready for a shooter’s duel.

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Ankh separates himself from Shingo to knock Shintaro out before he flies off. Later, Eiji responds to Hina’s text message through Shingo’s phone that Shingo is on a “undercover olo to buy him some time to find a way to save the detective. However, Ankh approaches his former human vessel with a malevolent intent. Ice, Greeedification, and Broken Wings [ edit ].

Elsewhere, Ankh heads to the Cous Coussier where he asks Hina if he can use Shingo’s body river, but she refuses. But this causes a black hole to emerge from within the Kyouryu Greeed, sucking him in along with all the Core Medals before the Medal Vessel explodes. By then, the extras, actually Yummy, attack Kamen Rider OOO as Sendo reveals himself as a former Shocker Combatman who proceeds to summons his grunt-like Yummy army to overpower the Kamen Rider before he assumes Tajador Combo to destroy them all, much to Sendo’s shock of finding Cell Medals in their place.